About Us

What we do?

A web platform where users can offer their space, publish their projects, and the help they need. With this... get the right travellers to host, and who will help them with their projects.


What do I earn with DOTROTTER?

What we help you with, is saving money to making money. You will let us know your idle capacity, we will use that to find the right talent, not pay for the talent we find a match of talent and idle capacity, and then you will make your business or project grows.

Let's meet

Present your project, your motivation, why you need what right help, and what is your offer.


Announce your project, let people know about your offer for accommodation and local experiences. and wait to be the rain of proposals.


The talent that stays with you, will help you to grow your project, and the volunteer will improve their career worldwide.


with extraordinary hosts

A place where you find remarkable hosts, some of them the most exclusives, and unique accommodations. Welcome to families, companies, events, NGO's, and more. All welcome to help and be helped.