About Us

A market place where users can offer their space as accommodation, publish their projects that need help with. Travellers apply to the local requests and prepare to travel and help them. Traveller gets accommodations, local experiences, food, and improve their professional career just by paying with their talent.


Where did all start?

Our love affair with travel and fantastic accommodations first began in 2016 when our Founder Nicolás Jurado Allende spent a few weeks at a crumbling chateau in the Dordogne with a group of friends and his English bulldog. As fate would have it, that holiday was the start of something special. Then, more chateaux, local families and hotels present the same need. It was then when Nicolás realized all of them needs help, and he validated in a few more countries with the same need, and it was the beginning of DOTROTTER AB.


Our concierge services

Our Free Concierge Service means you'll be in good hands to arrange your welcome, time schedule, first meeting, safety tips, housekeeping, childcare, tours, concerts, local experiences, outdoor activities, and so much more. All of these to make your stay more than extraordinary. Trust us, we'll find you the perfect accommodation with a host to surpass your expectations. Always remember to check local events at the destination.

Offer your Talent

Prepare your skills to help abroad, prepare yourself to offer your talent our concierges will present your talent at the planing destination. Before deciding on the where it’s important to consider what you want from your selected home holiday. Think in your time after you are improving your career,

Plan Leisure Time

Is time to think about how to relax around the pool, dining al-fresco with a spot of sightseeing? Or you are looking for an action-packed trip? Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to put your requirements at the forefront when discussing with the travel experts in our Concierge team who are the best in the business.

Meet each other

The concierge desk service once received your application it will prepare all offers that fit to you. Your request and the host's request are aligned, and getting ready to get to know you each other. Remember to give a great impression, have fun and continue helping and travelling.