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Publish the help you need and your offer as an accommodation. Publish local experiences, events, festivals and concerts, hunting volunteers.

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Volunteers can participate in events as part of the staff and crew. Travellers and locals can participate in the most emblematic sports events, music festivals, concerts. Meet their idols and support their favourite band or team.


Local experiences

The local experience is one day, one-time event. We get you the opportunity to see a band live, and also the chance that can work for them and meet your favourite band personally.
Euro 2020
Apr 07

Euro 2020

  • Tuesday08:34 PM
F1 championship 2020
Apr 07

F1 championship 2020

  • Tuesday08:34 PM


Open Doors Program

Due to COVID-19 there are people stuck in another country, airport and in the meantime are solving the repatriotism, are struggle where they are a trap, and they need a place where to stay and be safe. We also have a program to help the medical volunteers and associates. It is a government or entity, please contact us to We have benefits, hotels associates and organising the hospitalities and help they both needed.


DOTROTTER Open Door program to offer free, temporary housing to those who need it. This includes relief workers, neighbours who’ve had to evacuate, and others impacted by the event. COVID-19, Natural catastrophes, Medial attention, Social impact, We have also amazing people worried about the future of our planet, and we have challenges to clean our planet. These people also need help from stunning hosts, and they also can apply to the Open Doors program.


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